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No-Flood Zone (Including Lines From "Freudian" by Daniel Caesar)

Joshua Nguyen

the realtor reassures my family father: 34-years-old | catholic-by-culture | first in his family to buy a house mother: 33-years-old | catholic-converter | new job as claims adjuster brother: 15-years-old | green-belt | future football star sister: 11-years-old…

See You Again in a Thousand Years

Jacob Rutherford

Texas State Highway 3 runs for thirty-some-odd miles, from the southeastern edge of Houston down to Galveston, covering a flat stretch of coastal plain now blanketed over in suburban sprawl: master-planned communities, Ellington Field Joint Reserve Base,…

Standing in the Rothko Chapel

Catherine Chambers

2015 In another life, I had Houston. I was wearing the wrong shoes trying to walk quietly through The Menil Collection, where you aren’t allowed to get married—something I didn’t know—with whoever I loved at the time.   I stare at the paintings to avoid staring…

On Violence

Kristina Marie Darling

$138,000 into the story, there is nowhere else to go. I spent my twenty-seventh year typing letters of application, the nerves in each hand wrecked by this seemingly endless work, my persistence motivated only by the fear of becoming homeless. Three…

On Shame

Kristina Marie Darling

156,000 into the story, the room is empty.   The man I have started dating listens to my stories of how the dinners at the American Academy would unfold, the careful arrangement of the linens and the cutlery, how each fellow was applauded on the Monday…

Sentenced To

Kristina Marie Darling

Co-Written with Lisa Olstein   When considering the resurgence of dense, gratifyingly difficult experimental writing in recent years, the specter of Gertrude Stein (especially Tender Buttons) looms large.  In a book-length study, Conflicting Stories,…

Dissimilar Multitudes

Kristina Marie Darling

Co-Written with Karla Kelsey Grubby violet dusk.  Everywhere, the tongue-tang of rust…. In a recent collection, Night Vision, Claire Wahmanholm presents us with a speaker who drifts between rhetorical modes, trying each of them on as though they were…

Re: Verse: On Anonymity and the Future of Collaborative Poetry

Kristina Marie Darling

Co-Written with Chris Campanioni   Long before the Internet was re-routed from military servers and mainstreamed, Foucault understood the efficacy of anonymous interactions on the level of literature, imagining “a culture where discourse would circulate…

Towards an Ethics of Collaboration: A Practitioner's Roundtable

Kristina Marie Darling

About the Participants Mary Biddinger is the author of six full-length poetry collections, most recently Small Enterprise and The Czar (with Jay Robinson), both from Black Lawrence Press. Her work has recently appeared in numerous journals including…